Why Choose SKI

Experience and Expertise

SKI retains the highest caliber of physicians and other health care providers. All SKI nephrologists are Board certified in Nephrology and many have additional training/certification in management of renal transplant, hypertension, kidney stones etc. This additional expertise directly benefits and provides superior care to our patients.

Collaborative Model and Team Approach

We offer a team approach to management of kidney disease and its complications.  All decision making is driven by Quality Patient Care Outcomes and involves nephrologists, nurse practitioners, dieticians, and kidney disease and dialysis educators. The SKI team provides proactive and timely communication to the patient and their primary care physician. Our goal is to provide seamless care during transition from CKD to ESRD and either dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Optimal Care and Patient Education

The SKI patient care team strives to provide a professional and trusted advisor relationship by creating an enduring bond between the SKI team, the patient and their primary care physician. Patients can access their medical records, request refills, make appointments and ask questions via a HIPPA compliant Patient Portal. Office visits are designed to ensure that each patient gets the attention they deserve. SKI offers numerous education classes to patients and their families so that they can understand the kidney disease process, nutrition, various dialysis options and learn about renal transplant.

Easy Availability

We are one of the largest nephrology practices in the state of Arizona offering convenient access to nephrology services thereby limiting travel time to see a nephrologist. We have early 30 locations throughout the state serving all areas of Metropolitan Phoenix, and contiguous cities including Tucson, Green Valley, Sierra Vista, Nogales, Cottonwood, Prescott, Payson, Casa Grande etc.

Evidence Based Practice

SKI nephrologists practice evidence based medicine and follow management algorithms based on National Kidney Foundation Dialysis Outcome Quality Initiatives. Our focused approach yields substantially better patient outcomes than reported nationally and provides reduction in hospital stay days, missed dialysis treatments, a much higher vascular access fistula prevalence, longer life span for our patients and greater patient satisfaction. We encompass all aspects from patient education in early disease state to pre-emptive transplantation and in dialysis in those with advanced afflictions. We also have well–established inpatient practices at most of the valley’s hospitals and continuity of care for our patients is paramount.

How to make an appointment:

To make an appointment in Phoenix please call 480-610-6100
To make an appointment in Tucson or Casa Grande, please call 520.623.2642