Kidney Disease & Management

Phosphorous & the Kidney Diet

Phosphorus is a mineral that is vital for good health, since it is needed by every cell in your body for normal function. It is a major component of your [...]

Potassium & the Kidney Diet

Potassium is a mineral that critically affects the proper functioning of your nerves and muscles. In particular, your heart is influenced by the amount of potassium in your bloodstream. When [...]

Protein & the Kidney Diet

A healthy diet consists of protein, carbohydrates and fat. With widespread obesity, diabetes and new research showing harmful effects of sugar (carbohydrate), many fad-diets are now focusing on a high [...]

Vitamins & Chronic Kidney Disease

According to the Institute of Medicine, the human body needs at least 13 vitamins to function properly. Following a balanced diet is the preferred way to get the recommended amount [...]

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