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What We Treat

SKI provides comprehensive treatment for acute and chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease, hypertension, kidney stones, kidney transplant, and electrolyte disorders.

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Patient Support

With a Patient Portal and online Patient Education Center, SKI supports patients 24/7. In addition, we have on-site educational classes to help you actively manage your kidney disease.

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Renal Care Organization

SKI is a proud, founding member of Renal Care Organization (RCO), a national platform representing more than 250 nephrologists and nearly 300,000 patients.

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What People with Diabetes and Kidney Disease Should Know About Foot Care?

17th Mar 2023

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects how your body uses glucose, which is a type of sugar found in your blood. When you have diabetes, your body is unable to produce or use insulin properly, leading to high levels of glucose...

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What Is Home Hemodialysis?

22nd Feb 2023

During kidney failure, if you are advised that you need treatment to stay alive, it can be a crucial time in your life. If you are newly diagnosed with kidney disease, you may feel devastated, puzzled, and annoyed. But you can hel...

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What food should a person with kidney disease avoid?

09th Jan 2023

Kidneys are bean-shaped organs in our body that perform many important functions. Kidneys help filter blood, help balance minerals, remove waste through urine, produce hormones and maintain fluid balance. The most common risk f...

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