SKI Board

Southwest Kidney Institute (SKI) is a physician-led medical group that prioritizes clinical quality and operational excellence. The executive team is comprised of Board Certified, fellowship-trained physicians.


Pradeep Mehra, MD


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To support SKI locations effectively, the organization has Managing Partners who provide divisional leadership within a specified geography or specialty. This team is comprised of the following physicians who are all Board Certified and fellowship-trained.

Randy Cooper, MD, FASDIN 1

Randy Cooper, MD, FASDIN

Operations Committee

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Donn Hogan

Donn Hogan, MD

Operations Committee

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Paul Lui

Paul Lui, MD

Operations Committee

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Asan Ariff, MD, FASN

Finance Committee

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Richard Flick

Richard Flick, MD

Managing Partner, West Division

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Ronald Hyde MD

Ronald Hyde, MD

Managing Partner, Central Division

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Amandeep Khurana

Amandeep Khurana, MD, FASN

Chair Finance Committee

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Minesh Rajpal

Minesh Rajpal, MD

Managing Partner, Northwest Division

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Immediate Past Board Members