Diet & Dialysis

Diet Guidelines for Patients on Dialysis While dialysis does the work of your kidneys, it cannot do everything that healthy kidneys do. Some fluids and toxins may still build up, [...]


What is Hemodialysis? Hemodialysis is a process of clearing toxins from the blood, balancing electrolytes, neutralizing acid and removing excess fluid from the human body after the kidneys are unable [...]

Home Dialysis

Home dialysis is a process of training the patient and care partner to do hemodialysis at home.  It can be a positive and liberating option for motivated patients with good [...]

Peritoneal Dialysis

What is Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)? Your belly has a membrane inside called the “peritoneum” which can be used to clean your blood of toxins, balance electrolytes, buffer acid and remove [...]

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